[dms-discuss] Snacks and drinks are now available

timf timf at davismakerspace.org
Fri Apr 17 00:36:27 PDT 2015

April 16, 2015

Hi gang --

The Candy Czar has restocked the mini-fridge!

It now holds six different kinds of candy bars.
They are in a yellow box.

It also holds three different flavors of soda pop
(Mug Root Beer, Orange Crush, and Pepsi Cherry...
anything else is private property, not for sale).

Candy bars are 75 cents each, and soda is 50 cents per
can. This is an honor system; please put your money in
the locker with a robot face, near the door. Just stuff
the money in the robot's mouth!

There is a sign with the prices on the wall above the
mini-fridge, and there is a white bucket for RECYCLING
(NOT for trash) near the mini-fridge.


-- Tim F

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