[dms-discuss] 2015-03-02 DMS General Meeting Minutes

Braden dms at dabrado.net
Tue Apr 7 22:09:14 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Sorry I didn't post minutes from the last meeting until now.

Anyway, the markdown is attached, and the HTML is output to:

  - Braden
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- Meeting start @ 19:06
- Previous minutes are accepted.
- Additions to agenda?
  - None
- Officer reports
  - President
    - it has been a quiet month.
    - Have an art about; there are some flyers in the space.
  - Secretary 
    - Nothing
  - Treasurer
    - We have enough funds for the insurance; perhaps need to remind insurance to take our money.
    - Just shy of hitting rent each month ($230/mo) + Internet+electricity ($50/mo).
    - Recieved second notice (without first notice) of renewing business license.
- Subcommittee reports
  - Events
    - No events outside of Art About have come through.
    - Art About (13th of this month)
      - Rob with show off what there is so far with the Sarndbox project.
      - Various work by various members (Rob, Steve E., Adam, Jeff).
      - Getting very close to having all the pieces working together, and have done calibration and
        such; now need to run the actual software itself and see how it works.
      - Everyone come down to the Art About!
    - What will we do for the next Art About in April or May?
      - What about the music-themed one, e.g. that Steve E. might be able to contribute to?
      - Let's shoot for May (i.e. our traditional every-other Art About schedule).
  - Key Committee
    - Pretty quiet.
    - Adam now has a key, and is holding office hours.
- Old Business
  - (Rob) Asked about and had DCN board meeting at space.
  - (Jeff) Some other DCN-related person asked about using space for some kind of meet-up; will
    follow up about that.
- New Business
  - None
- Adjournment
  - 19:18

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