[dms-discuss] Power Racer Presentation, Tentative Date Wed June 4th, 7pm

Jim Stewart jstewart at jkmicro.com
Wed May 28 13:50:43 PDT 2014

I'd like to host a presentation on the
Yolo Youngmakers Power Wheels Racer on
the above date.  I'll host it and there
will also be presentations by the other
kids and adults that worked on it.

We took the car to the Maker's Faire
and placed middle of the pack on the
speed events and 2nd place in the 1.5 hour
endurance race.  We were the only car to
finish the endurance race without a pit

We'd like to bring the car to the presentation.

Everyone ok with the date and time?

Suzie has offered to do the publicity.

Anyone interested in a second presentation
on the design of the motor controller?  It
was the only homebrew controller at the


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