[dms-discuss] Square Tomatoes Vendors' Instructions

Sally Parker squaretcrafts at gmail.com
Mon May 26 13:14:01 PDT 2014

​Welcome Tomatoes

Invention and Upcycling Contest

Please tell me if you plan to enter the contest.  I need to arrange display
space.  We have 9 entries for a $50 reward.  I will assign some spaces for
the contest and the display.  Look for another email on Friday.

FREE ICE WATER at Parveneh’s vegan table.  Bring your own cup, but drink
some.  Be a Square Tomato not a stewed tomato.

Don’t leave before 4 pm without telling us.

Move your car away from C Street-make room for customers

Email “Pass the Word” for a $5 refund

Write a letter to the Enterprise Tell Davis about our fair.

*Pass the Word:  *Email the “Pass the Word” message to 15+ people with a cc
to me and you will get a $5 discount fair day.

*Bring a check fair day.  *Write the check to Rural RAP for $25.

*Don’t leave early:*  Vendors voted that anyone who moves out before 4 pm
without telling Sally won’t be invited back.  You can leave if there is a
true emergency, but leaving makes it more difficult for other vendors to be

Fair day:

*When:*  The fair is Sunday June 1, 11 to 4 pm.

*Where:*  3rd and C Streets.  From 80, Exit at Mace, Mace becomes Covell,
Turn Left (South) on F St, Turn right (West) on 5th Street. Turn Left
(South) on C Street to 3rd.

*Set up time *is 8:30, 9 or 10—whatever time you need.

*Don’t drive *onto concrete under the pavilions (rain shelters) unless you
have paid the City $15 for a driving permit or are part of the regular
Farmer’s Market and have a permit. We will be at Central Park 3rd and C
Streets under the rain shelter.

*Spacemaster:*  Jim Leonard is the Spacemaster.  He will tell you were to
set up.

*Electricity:*  Not all the electrical outlets work.  If you must have
electricity, check the outlet before you set up.

*Re-park *your car away from C Street.  We need to leave parking spaces for

*Clean up *your both and the space around it.  We had to pay a $400
cleaning deposit for use of the Park, and we can’t afford to lose this

*2014 Fairs are as follows:  *July 6, August 3, September 7, October 19,
November 2, November 16, November 30, December 14
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