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I really enjoyed reading this. Its an excellent contribution.

Thanks for taking your time to do it.


On 5/21/2014 12:34 PM, sarah schrupp wrote:
> Got to chat up other Hackerspace folks.  Full disclosure, few data 
> points; not a tinkerer, so questions were about running/organizing a 
> community, and also, don't have friends in other communities like some 
> of you might.
> Take home points were derived from people who strongly believe in the 
> hacker community concept; many were still wildly enthusiastic, some 
> were still believers but no longer, wide-eyed but a few were nearing 
> mental collapse, yet still clinging to the positives of what a hacker 
> community could offer.
> Surprisingly, financing according to several, was not the biggest 
> issue.  In fact, some mentioned that eventually, the money started 
> streaming in, but rather, keeping the organization healthy was the 
> biggest hurdle.
> Some advice from volunteers/organizers:
> *Take the opportunity to build structure into a small organization 
> before it gets too large, and don't be afraid to moderate policy as 
> needs change. * No policies and no enforcement leads to chaos as well 
> as creates physically unsafe and socially toxic environment.
> (Stories about people not being willing to engage law enforcement when 
> really necessary.  Other related issues, lack of machine/tool safety 
> tests, pets, squatters, drugs, theft and whether 24/7 ends up being 
> good idea.  Some spaces will not permit sleeping, for instance. 
>  Another suggested eventual space location could be out of city center 
> but adjacent to bus stop, for example, become a destination, not a 
> pass through.)
> *Partner with other non-profits.*  They gave many instances where 
> reciprocation had been invaluable, sharing funds,grants, reaching 
> public, getting support, trading resources et cetera.
> *Consider core objective of this hackerspace; *what does this 
> community need?  If not much equipment to meet goals, then easier to 
> insure and maintain safety.  In one instance, the "big tools" are the 
> 3-D printers (upgraded from DMS ones, the $2K models) and some cnc 
> mills.  (Could concentrate on fundraising just for those specific 
> pieces of equipment.)
> *Collect but screen donations else DMC will become toxic waste site. 
> * Be clear about what DMC wants to accept - for example, old Apple II 
> computers are interesting and could be restored for a museum but are 
> not really a part of the DMC vision.  Some donations, like a 
> jackhammer and compressor, are too large or out of scope for 
> hackerspace, but would be perfect for a partner non-profit, i.e. 
> habitat for humanity, who later might help construct a wall or something.
> *Focus on youth and families if possible to create a healthier 
> financial and social environment. * Kids and families bring money, 
> safety, civility, grant financing, volunteers and resources into the 
> community.  Parents will spend a lot of money helping their children 
> learn but won't participate if the environment is unsafe or otherwise 
> toxic.  Also, many volunteer mentors derive pleasure from working with 
> kids and teens.
> *Visit other hackerspaces and see what they are doing well and what 
> they wish they could change. * (I can compile a list if anyone is 
> interested, but there are many.)
> Example of Happy, Well-run, Non-profit Hackerspace (according to other 
> hackers, not me):
> http://www.hackerdojo.com/About (Mountain View)
> Example of small, For-Profit (opened this space due to hacks in the 
> common area of their lodging house where they didn't want it):
> http://rockitcolabs.com/makerspace (San Francisco)
> Example of everything permitted, financially sound, largely 
> disfunctional and socially toxic, non-profit (ran across the 
> accompanying tumblr which seems to corroborate and enhance what I heard):
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/About (San Francisco)
> http://shitnoisebridgesays.tumblr.com/
> Btw, people had made great contacts and accomplished things at 
> Noisebridge but many had fled elsewhere due to safety, theft and 
> anarchy.  NB no longer seems to have a discussion page.  (Ran across a 
> posting about the FBI looking into their TOR network with regards to 
> the Mandiant report etc.)  Lots going on there; also, lots going on 
> there.  Maybe you have friends that have used that space?
> Be interested to hear what you have learned.  Seems like charging for 
> space membership filters out some behaviors.  Sponsorships could also 
> be made for parties who can't afford.  Otherwise, does DMS's CNC mill 
> just become a good place to make a copy of a DO NOT Duplicate UCDavis 
> Schlage key?
> Anyone have friends at other hacker spaces?  Be happy to contact the 
> folks I met and ask any of your questions.  Also, they seem to know 
> the folks at other communities.
> Sarah
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