[dms-discuss] Web Dev meetup

Nicholas Weigand ntw at davismakerspace.org
Mon May 19 15:14:34 PDT 2014


I did get feedback and it looks like we are a go - I have just been
very busy with other things the last week or two so I haven't had a
chance to put anything out there.

To answer your questions:
-I am aware that there are organizations offering web development
courses in Davis.

-This would be different by virtue of not being a course, but rather a
meetup.  The idea is that rather than have a structured course with a
full curriculum, we would offer a place and time for people of any
skill level to come and ask questions/share what they have been
working on.  I think with the expertise we have at the space we could
safely answer questions from "What is the web?" up to... well some
pretty advanced stuff.

-Yes, whatever they want.  HTML, CSS, Design, Server setup/sysadmin
tasks, API design, etc.

-We won't be offering a class, so we won't need a classroom.  I'm
planning on running it during my Wednesday open hours, so it would be
in the space.

-Once I have a moment I'll write something up and send it to the
Enterprise and to the list.  People on the list: please feel free to
circulate my announcement once it actually comes out!

I know that we had some people go to Maker Faire, but I didn't go this
year.  I am also curious to hear reports!

I'll try to get some publicity out in the near future.


On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 2:53 PM, sarah schrupp <svschrupp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> Did you get any feedback from about offering web development classes?  It's
> a great idea.  Did you know that other organizations offer web development
> classes in Davis?  How would yours be different?  Drupal, Joomla, WordPress,
> html, whatever?  DCN offers SimpleSite, CSS and html.   Would you want to
> offer those classes in the DMS room or would you need a classroom
> with/without computers?
> This brings back the question about what DMS is and how it could partner
> with the community.  I am sure there are many people in the community who
> would welcome this resource.  What else would they need to know?  Would we
> want to distribute this information through other channels, i.e. Davis
> Community Network, Explorit, Davis Senior Center, Odd Felllows, etc.?
> Incidentally, did anyone who attended the Maker Faire this weekend speak
> with other Hackerspace folks about how they service their community and how
> they structure their organizations?  I did.  They saw a lot of benefit from
> partnering with existing non-profits but they also had other ideas and
> do-over wishes.
> Sarah
> On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 7:43 PM, Nicholas Weigand <ntw at davismakerspace.org>
> wrote:
>> So, I think there would be a lot of interest in the community in
>> having a resource for web development.  Those of us who know about the
>> subject could sit and chat about what we are working on, and people
>> who want to learn could come and ask questions.
>> I'm normally around on Wednesday evenings and I'd be happy to
>> volunteer my hours at that time.  We could also set up another time if
>> that works better for others (perhaps an afternoon?).  I'd think that
>> once or twice a month would be good.
>> What do you folks think?
>> Nicholas
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