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Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 23:03:48 PDT 2014

March 27, 2014

Hi Mick et al --

"pictures or it didn’t happen" ???!!!???

Hah! It's not enough I had to put up with a friendly wino (and yes, it was pretty obviously wine that he had been imbibing) visiting the space tonight (at least he was polite enough to excuse himself before he stepped out for about 30 seconds to "use the restroom"...!) but now I have to PROVE to you that the new sign is for real?

I could just get Lucian to back me up on this -- he and his brother Aram, and Aram's friend Marcie -- they were there and they saw the sign!

OK, all right, now I got "cheese" running on my laptop, so I took four pictures -- see the attached .ZIP file.

Three pictures show the sign, one shows the three-dollar spotlight I built. And in one of them you can just barely see the white piece of paper on the brick wall (behind the blue equipment rack) that describes the project.

And if 'ya want a better view than these little snapshots give... just come on down to our Space!

- Regards,

Tim F

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 pictures or it didn’t happen :)
 On Mar 27, 2014, at 8:12 PM, Tim F <davispcug at yahoo.com>
 > March 27, 2014
 > Hi gang --
 > I used Mick's spiffy foam cutter to make the letters
 for a new DONATE sign (to replace the temporary cardboard
 original). I've hung it up in the corner so that it points
 at the cash donation locker, and I've put a description of
 the piece on the brick wall near the northwest window.
 > Hopefully it will help induce visitors to donate more!
 > I also built a mini-spotlight system for the sign -- it
 cost all of three dollars at the dollar discount store --
 it's powered by a small wall-wart on the southwest table
 near the 3D printer. It's not bright, so you need to turn
 off the fluorescent lights at night to see its effect.
 > I've learned a little bit about using Mick's foam
 cutter and about painting inexpensive styrofoam, and I'm
 happy to share that with anybody that wants to know.
 > 'Later!
 > -- Tim F
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