[dms-discuss] New Donate sign

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 20:12:45 PDT 2014

March 27, 2014

Hi gang --

I used Mick's spiffy foam cutter to make the letters for a new DONATE sign (to replace the temporary cardboard original). I've hung it up in the corner so that it points at the cash donation locker, and I've put a description of the piece on the brick wall near the northwest window.

Hopefully it will help induce visitors to donate more!

I also built a mini-spotlight system for the sign -- it cost all of three dollars at the dollar discount store -- it's powered by a small wall-wart on the southwest table near the 3D printer. It's not bright, so you need to turn off the fluorescent lights at night to see its effect.

I've learned a little bit about using Mick's foam cutter and about painting inexpensive styrofoam, and I'm happy to share that with anybody that wants to know.


-- Tim F

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