[dms-discuss] Initial Key Policy

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 21:38:31 PDT 2014

March 17, 2014

Hi all you leprechauns --

(Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

I'm weighing in on the Initial Key Policy that James posted (I studied the version that was on our Wiki on 03/13/14):

1) I like that it attempts to set policy on why keys will be issued.

2) I like the part about "hold regular open hours".

3) I like the part about being "free to close the door behind you".

4) I like the "general philosophy" section.

5) The "general philosophy" section says that "Everyone in the Davis community should have access to the space." I note that they already CAN have access: all they have to do is show up during the open hours listed on the wiki. Or they can contact one of the volunteers on the wiki to arrange special hours. But they don't NEED a key; there is no NEED to give a key to anybody
that wants a key.

6) The Space has existed for a year without needing to grant lots of key access. We have already proven that we can make it without the risk of giving out lots of keys. Accordingly, I think that we should actively plan to protect and enhance our infrastructure by being careful to not give out keys
unless they are actually needed.

7) So I don't like the part about "money and/or accepted tools" being a way to get a key. I think that's asking for trouble.

8) I also feel uncomfortable about "money and/or accepted tools" because it comes rather close to evading the prohibited behavior of "providing special benfits for members in exchange for dues" (we can't do that because of our nonprofit status).

9) So I think that the only reason to have a key should be because you need a key as part of making significant, responsible, repeated (not merely casual) contributions of time and effort to the space, in three ways: by being a member of the Board; or by holding regular and frequent open hours; or by
maintaining the Space's infrastructure.

10) Accordingly, I don't think "Teach a class" or "Help clean up after open house" by themselves should be reasons to get a key.


-- Tim F

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