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Sorry, I am new to group discussion, so I may have sent this already, but my Sent box doesn't not show that to be the case.  Here goes:

Hi All,
Here is the email I sent to Emily.  You may have already discussed all this stuff, and I know I am coming late and univited to the party, but here are some thoughts.

Hi Emily,

I didn't get James' contact information, so I hope I am not bothering you with all this stuff, but I did have several ideas about the tools donations and about soliciting sponsorships from the community.  You may have already discussed all this, so I apologize if this is redundant.  Here goes:

Get Tool Library Started

	* Visit other local tool libraries in Northern California to see what they have learned.  What they would do/not do again.  Look at their rack/inventory systems.  Ask about problems with the public.  Do they have workspace on site?  Have they had people drain crankcase oil on their countertops?  What about liability issues using power tools on site?  How do they manage the public? They can be found in the following cities: Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Mountain View, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara.

	* Find a secure place for tools (Might get locker donated, but security would be an issue.  Does City have such a space?  Davis police?)

	* Post a Wish List on website. (Attaching file for general info about donations.)

	* Clarify Library Eligibility.  There are several areas around the edges the City of Davis, but inside Davis school district (DJUSD), myself included -  we are in Yolo County.  May they borrow tools? 
	* Create an email contact for donations (donations at davismakerspace.org) to make it easier for donors - make sure it gets forwarded to someone who will respond!

	* Create Donation Receipt Form for donors' tax records

	* Create One Page Flyer or Large Card Advertising Donation Program (aimed to downsizing seniors - must be 14pt font or larger and high contrast in design and text for legibility- have some ideas about this but haven't worked on it yet.)

	* Meet with community groups and senior housing folks to distribute the flyer and disseminate information - this can be BIG in Davis.  Aside from the obvious, Senior housing places, other avenues include Boy Scouts who need to do community service for badges and the Jewish Bar/Bamitzvah candidates also needing service projects, not to mention high school students and so on.  The kids could go door to door and talk up the donation program.
	*  Meet with Hibbert Lumber & Davis Ace Hardware and let them know what you are doing - as a courtesy.  Give them a chance to get on board.  Is there a cross-platform opportunity?  More building should be good for everyone, but they might not see that.
	* Collect tools from donors and place them into inventory on a pending status.
	* Identify a tool doctor to perform the QA that the donations are operable and anoint new tools into rental inventory.
Corporate Sponsors

Here are some ideas of businesses, in no particular order, that might sponsor the project (although they probably wouldn't be too keen on the public forum for lock picking  (DMS Projects page):
Schilling Robotics/FMC
Mori Seiki Manufacturing
Clark Construction (Sacramento firm, but lots of family in Davis)
Davis Waste Recycle (Privately owned, strong community supporter & hey, they recycle!)
Tandem Properties (Bill Roe the man behind the Pence)
Norcaland (Developing property next to UCD, Ishi Property - or trying to, anyway.  Sponsor to the Pence Gallery)

Ramco Development
Buzz Oates
Yackzan Group
Taomino & Associates
Harrison Self Storage (They might provide storage, but security could be issue)
Regency Property Management (Oakshade Center South Davis)
Coldwell Banker Real Estate
PG & E
Antibodies Inc.
Norcaland (Developing property next to UCD, Ishi Property - or trying to, anyway.  Sponsor to the Pence Gallery)
Marrone Biomedical


Lastly, with regard to additional workshops, etc., it might be better to have a place on the web site as a repository for information about DIY projects for the home - like Opensource thermostats and such, for homeowners who want to optimize their homes.  Auto sprinkler controllers, apparently, are quite complicated, differ from vendor to vendor and aren't available without a resale license (contractors only) but that doesn't mean we can't explain what is out there and what are the pros/cons and questions for your landscaper if you really want to optimize your water use (and get the City of Davis to weigh in, too).

Anyway, you've probably already had enough of me.  Let me know if anything sticks,
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