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James R Holliday jrholliday at davismakerspace.org
Sun Mar 9 20:34:24 PDT 2014

Hey, Sarah!

I'm including the general discussion mailing list on this reply.  I know
there are a few people that would love to help/participate in these (and
future) ideas.  I hope you don't mind...

I like the text (included below).  I would prefer we lose the phrase
"where for a nominal fee", but I'm interested in what others have to
say.  Maybe we should create a wiki page and group create/edit?


> Here's is something that might be a good start for a donations web
> page, or at least the general idea.  By the way, if we get donations
> in the next month, we'd need to have some donation receipts at the
> ready.  So here's my first pass at this public outreach page - see
> below- but I have some concerns about what it is implying, so it
> warrants a discussion about the objectives of the organization.
> Please let me know what you think after you read the rest.
> Put Your Old Tools into New Hands – Donate to Davis Makerspace
> Davis Makerspace is a newly formed, non-profit organization, that is 
> creating a community-based, tool lending library and collaborative
> work center, where for a nominal fee, community residents can borrow
> tools for repairs and projects as well as get information about
> building, design and technology either by working alongside others at
> our center or by attending our informative lectures and workshops.
> If you or someone you know, have a collection of tools cluttering
> your home, please consider donating them to our program where they
> will not only be recycled but will help foster someone else's
> learning, creativity and self-reliance.
> We are actively looking for donations of most tools and gardening 
> implements as well as how-to books, manuals and dvds for our resource
> library.  The main requirement is that the tools be in working order
> (or serviceable) and non-gasoline powered.
> Please contact us at donations at davismakerspace.org to make
> arrangements for us to collect your contribution.
> Davis Makerspace is a non-profit, 501c corporation and all donations
> are tax-deductible.

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