[dms-discuss] Request for speaker/debater

David Kyle djkyle at ucdavis.edu
Sun Mar 2 22:09:20 PST 2014

I’m teaching a sociology course (200 students) that explores, in part, contemporary cyborg culture, including how we got here and where it may be going. I would love to have a volunteer from DMS who is into the “quantified self” or otherwise promote the possibility of more connectivity and advanced robotic assistance, etc., not less. This could be a very fun 30 minutes and the students would love it. The idea is to have a debate with a drama professor who is fully human and wants to stay that way. This could be a very fun 30 minutes and the students would love it. Make your case! Better yet, demonstrate what you are talking about. 

In the course, we’ve discussed several emerging and disruptive technologies. I’m also a musician who has use synthesizers for decades and now digital tools and now wear a Pebble watch as an early funder. Most of my students, of course, are cyborgs never far from immediate access to wifi, social media, etc. My goal is to have them understand the social implications and opportunities/challenges of learning machines, big data, and other related technologies.

If interested, please let me know by email or you may call me at 530-220-3576.

Thanks! David Kyle

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