[dms-discuss] electronic keys are down, for now

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 22 15:34:19 PDT 2013

October 22, 2013

Hi Braden and all --

I stopped by the space this afternoon and noticed that the automatic deadbolt mechanism was damaged. I found some of the pieces on the floor, bought others, repaired the mechanism, and while testing it I saw that the BBB would not stop trying to unlock the deadbolt. Since that is not an acceptable failure mode, I unplugged the BBB, left voicemail for Braden, and told Nick.

The deadbolt mechanism still is live and still works, so if somehow somebody is in the space without a key and needs to leave, they can still push the button on the mechanism to make it lock the deadbolt.

Later I received Braden's email and learned of the BBB bug (would that be a BBBB ?). It seems unlikely that nonstop attempts to unlock the door would make the mechanism come apart. But I'll keep an eye on the mechanism nontheless.


-- Tim F

On Tue, 10/22/13, Braden Pellett <braden at davismakerspace.org> wrote:

 Subject: [dms-discuss] electronic keys are down, for now
 To: "Davis Makerspace" <discuss at lists.davismakerspace.org>
 Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 2:58 PM
 Hi all,
 For the moment, the electronic door locking mechanism is
 down.  Physical keys only for now until it is fixed.
 Basically after a recent upgrade to the OS on the door
 control computer, it looks like a bug was tripped in my code
 that would cause the process to die without cleaning up
 after itself, thus if this occurred while the door was being
 unlocked, it would continuously try to unlock it.
 This happened at least once yesterday, and now it happened
 again while Tim was there, and he sent me a message that he
 has deactivated the computer until the issue can be
 It sounds like the continuous unlock cycle caused some
 damage to the physical mechanism as well, though I'll let
 Tim speak to that.
 I'm very sorry that my code caused this problem.
   - Braden
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