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Have we followed up with these folks? Obviously we're not in SF, but
perhaps we could convince them to come to Davis and give a presentation?

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> Hey, Makers.
> This came in through the web contact form.  It sounds pretty awesome!
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> From: con... at geocyclab.fr
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> Hello,
> We are two friends, coming from Quimper (Brittany, France), named Barth
> and Fanch, and we're traveling round the world by recumbent bikes.
> Throughout our expedition, we're making a work of research and
> reflection about notions of system d, open source, and "Free Object",
> that we can discover and experiment directly on the ground.
> By adopting position of artist-researcher, we use our movable workshop
> laboratory in order to reference, describe, and freely distribute the
> plans of devices hand-made, able to improve anyone's daily life.
> To succeed our research on Free Object, we have imagined a mobile
> laboratory built into our bikes, with Open Source tools.
> Here is our website where you can have a look to our project:
> www.geocyclab.fr
> We are currently in Mexico, but we are going to take the road again and
> in a few weeks, we will be in San Francisco.
> We would be glad to meet you and maybe work with you, or just talk about
> structures in San Francisco and around which are working about Open Source.
> Hoping see you soon,
> Barth and Fanch
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