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James R Holliday jrhol... at davismakerspace.org
Mon Oct 7 11:39:48 PDT 2013

Greetings, Makers!

Just a reminder: tonight is our October monthly meeting.  I'm
re-attaching the agenda below.  Also, to make things easier to parse,
I've attached a file (diff.pdf) that highlights the modifications I'm
proposing for the bylaws.  See you all there!


> 1. Call to Order
> 2. Roll Call
> 3. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes
> 4. Call for Additions to the Agenda
> 5. Officers Report
>     1. President
>     2. Secretary
>     3. Treasurer
> 6. Old Business
>     1. Vote to Amend Bylaws
>     2. Liability Waivers
>     3. Key Policies
> 7. New Business
>     1. Nominations for Directors and Officers
>     2. Vote to Switch/Host Mailing Lists
> 8. Additions to Agenda
> 9. Adjournment
> Notes:
> * The proposed amendments can be seen at their location on github:
>   https://github.com/DavisMakerspace/doc-bylaws/compare/v2.0...master
>   The changes (1) require a monthly meeting, (2) only allow votes on
>   items publicly disclosed, (3) permit people to force items for vote,
>   and (4) disallow changing of bylaws in private meetings.
> * Vote to switch/host mailing lists will also set an official channel
>   for communication
> * Nominations will be opened at this meeting.  Voting to fill the board
>   will be in November, and terms will begin in January.
> There are a few things to remember about the director and officer
> positions.  The three officers have actual duties and responsibilities:
> 1) The President sets the agenda and runs the meetings.  He is also the
> face and voice of the corporation.  PR skills are desired!
> 2) The Treasurer maintains the financial books and controls the bank
> accounts.  In addition, he makes a budget and creates cash flow reports.
> 3) The Secretary maintains a record of all meetings and corporate documents.
> In addition, the Directors are required to attend all meetings.  Our
> definition of Quorum is as follows: "Attendance of all but one (1) of
> the directors currently in office shall constitute a quorum for the
> transaction of any business except adjournment".  No action can take
> place without the directors.  (But they don't get free reign!)
> So: bring your nominations!  Don't be afraid to nominate yourself for
> any position!  See you all next week :)

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