[dms-discuss] List of Accomplishments-10/20/2013

Sam Hanke samhanke at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 21 01:03:21 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Today was quite productive. Natalie and I bought a microwave to be used
 for the MIG welder from the SPCA Thrift Shop. We noticed a beaten-up 
drill press there for $10, so if anyone is willing to put in the time 
and effort, then it would be beneficial to grab it up when you can. As 
Natalie was taking out the copper coils from the newly-acquired 
transformer, the wooden handle of the chisel that she was using 
exploded. Fortunately,  she is fine, but the chisel is currently 
unfixable (by my untrained eyes). The chisel was placed next to the 
boxes where all of the scrap wood laid. I think that the body of the 
microwave would make a good planter for any plants that we would like in
 the space. Natalie wisely suggested that we invest in some flycatchers,
 to address the never-ending fly problem. 
From my time
 here, I have finally found out how to convert .stl files easily into 
gcode: in Slic3r, just add the file you want using the "Add" button, 
then "Export Gcode" into the file that you need to place it under. This 
has kept me busy, converting a plethora of .stl files into a folder that
 I have labeled "Wishlist Printer". One day, i will print all of those 
things. One day...

Sam(Mendeleev on IRC DavisMakerSpace Chat)
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