[dms-discuss] November ArtAbout

Nicholas Weigand ntw at davismakerspace.org
Tue Oct 15 21:56:12 PDT 2013

Just a notice folks:

The PR for the November ArtAbout is due this Friday.  I know there was
discussion about doing it again in November so we will have to work quickly
if we want to get in.  They don't need much info, just the following:

PR Info:

Business Name:
Phone Number:

1.    Artist Name:
2.    Title of Show (optional):
3.    Medium of artwork (e.g. oil paintings? mixed media?):
4.    Hours of event on evening of ArtAbout:
5.    Description of Event:

a.    Artist's Reception (refreshments w/ artist present)
b.    Reception (refreshments w/out artist present)
c.    Viewing (no artist, no refreshments, just art on display)

6.    Beginning and End Dates of the Show:
7.    Any other form of entertainment during ArtAbout (band, art demo, DJ,
dance performance, special sales, food specials, etc.):
8. Any additional notes you'd like to mention:
9.   If available, email me a high-res photo of the artwork to be
ondisplay (300 DPI), in jpg format:
·      Not too big or too small-ie between 500 KB and 1 MB
*·      Include data on the image: artist name, title of piece, medium*

That info would need to go to Sandy Thai at the DDBA (
sandy at davisdowntown.com).  I can pass it along if people want to gather
it!  Let me know what if anything people would like to do!

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