[dms-discuss] Improvements to Printrbot Simple

Tim F davispcug at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 11 13:03:38 PDT 2013

October 11, 2013

Hi 3D-printing enthusiasts --

I'm preparing for our group's presentation at LUGOD on October 21 (we hope to
see you there!). We'll be showing our Printrbot Simple and some Linux software
for 3D printing.

I noticed that the printer was slipping in the Y axis occasionally -- it would
suddenly print at the wrong place in space, ruining the object -- so I checked
that out last night.

I came up with a dead-simple method for adjusting the tension of the string
that drives the Y-axis movement. It's basically a simple cam made from a wiring
terminal, on one end of the string. At the same time, I rearranged the screw
that holds that end of the string so that it can no longer scrape against the
body of the printer.

I tested the printer extensively last night, and the modification seems to work
very well; there was no more slipping. I plan to add a similar tensioner to the
X axis soon. Then it will no longer be necessary to take apart the printer in
order to adjust the string tension.

Just FYI!

-- Tim F

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