[dms-discuss] O'Reilly Users Group program

Nicholas Weigand ntw at davismakerspace.org
Mon Nov 18 14:52:23 PST 2013

Hi Folks,

Just an announcement that I applied for, and we were accepted into,
the O'Reilly Users Group program.  What this means:

- We get a coupon code (DSUG) good for 50% off of e-books (DRM free!)
and 40% off of print books on their site (www.oreilly.com)
- We may request free review copies or donations to be used for
fundraising purposes or to build up our in-space library.

Oh, and note that O'Reilly has quite a few imprints, including No
Starch, etc.  These other imprints fall under the same program as far
as I can tell.

Apparently I'm the only one allowed to request books since I'm the one
who submitted the request, so please forward any requests along to me
and I'll see what I can manage.


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