Meeting. Monday. Be there.

Jordan Van Aalsburg at
Fri Jun 28 19:21:02 PDT 2013

Fellow Makers-

Our monthly meeting will be Monday at 7PM. If you haven't been around in a
while, come by and see all the awesome work that Larry and others have done
on the windows. And bring something you're working on for show-and-tell (if
you want).

Apart from the basic business stuff we have two items on the agenda.

1.) Group projects: we are going to do a round of group builds. We want to
try to get 2-3 groups working together on something for the space (LED art
project, quadcopter coffee delivery service, sharks with lasers attached to
their foreheads). It doesn't really matter as long as a.) it is for the
space and b.) the build is open to all Makerspace members. If a projects
meets those criteria the costs (up to a certain amount) will be reimbursed.
So start thinking of cool stuff to build with your fellow members.

2.) Discussion of member dues: there has been an on-going discussion over
the last few weeks about our dues structure. In particular, some members
have proposed dropping them entirely in favor of a donation only model. We
aren't going to vote on anything Monday, but we should sit down and talk
about it for a bit to figure out what we are all comfortable with.

OK. That's all I have.  See you Monday.

I lied. I have one more thing. I think there is going to be a story about
us in the Enterprise on Sunday. Check it out. Now I'm done.

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