Automatic Deadbolt Mechanism is installed and running

Tim F davi... at
Sun Jun 23 02:20:13 PDT 2013

June 22, 2013

Hi gang --

Late tonight (Saturday) I got the automatic deadbolt mechanism installed. I also hooked up my temporary little Arduino system so that I could test the opening action. I can open it with my VCR remote control.

Nick has some great ideas for the administrative system that will interface to this mechanism in order to control entry access. Please be sure to pass your ideas along to Nick, or to me, or to the group.

Even without the general ability to open the door yet, the mechanism is already useful:

1) It lets anybody LOCK the deadbolt, even without a key, by pressing the button on the mechanism. That gives you five seconds to exit close the door before the mechanism locks the deadbolt. Just hold the door firmly closed while the mechanism locks the deadbolt (just like you hold the door firmly closed while using a physical key). I put some simple instructions on the door.


2) It has indicator lights: Red means the deadbolt is NOT locked; green means the deadbolt IS locked and you are safe and snug inside our space. (Sounds silly, but with all the drunks hollering in the alley late Saturday night, I found it reassuring to look up from across the room and see that green glow.)

Of course, physical keys still work, and you can still lock/unlock the deadbolt by hand from within the space.

If anybody has a UPS they could donate, please leave it in the space with a note for me and I will hook it up so that the mechanism works even if we have a power failure.

See you at the space!

-- Tim

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