[dcw] EWaste available for fun and profit

Steven Inness steven... at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 16 19:16:34 PDT 2013

I'm interested in some of it; could I stop by and take a look?
None of the images work in your spreadsheet, just in case you expected them to be viewable by us.


p.s. Landfill should be a last resort; I'm sure there are many on Craigslist that would take anything left over.

--- On Mon, 6/10/13, Robert Nickerson <r... at omsoft.com> wrote:

> From: Robert Nickerson <r... at omsoft.com>
> Subject: [dcw] EWaste available for fun and profit
> To: davis-commun... at googlegroups.com
> Date: Monday, June 10, 2013, 5:14 PM
> Hi All
> So Im starting to get rid of 15 years of accumulated ISP
> junk.
> We are planning on just e-waste it, but thought that maybe
> someone might want something before we get rid of it
> entirely.
> Attached is a spreadsheet. Plus have pics of the items we
> are getting rid of now, let me know if you want them.
> I suspect there will be 3-5 more "batches" of this sort of
> material
> I will take things out to yolo county landfill a week or so
> from now.
> SO if you want anything pipe up.
> Thanks
> RN
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