Meeting Tomorrow 7PM

Jordan Van Aalsburg at
Sun Jun 2 21:29:56 PDT 2013

Fellow Makers-

I apologize for the late notice, this last month has been crazier than
usual for me. Anyway, tomorrow is our monthly meeting. There's not a lot on
the agenda so if there's something you would like to discuss please bring
it up at the meeting. This also means that there will be ample time for
show-and-tell so bring any projects you've been working on.

Hope to see you there.



1. Roll call, etc.
2. Treasurer report
3. Update on tax-exempt status part 4 (or maybe 5)
4. Update on purchases approved at last meeting (fire extinguisher, mold
treatment, etc.)
5. Maker Faire recap
6. Discussion on space usage/availability: What should we do to make the
space available to new members/visitors? Should we have set times during
the week when we are "open"?
7. Show-and-tell
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