[dcw] Update and Meeting Reminder

Jeff Tolentino jeffto... at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 20:11:01 PST 2012

Hi Steve,

Thanks!  And yes, I do have a VGA out.  I appreciate your help!


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Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 4:04 PM

On 11/29/2012 2:59 PM, Jordan Van Aalsburg wrote:
> This seems like a good time to ask:
> Does anyone have a projector we could use for the meeting? Jeff has
> offered to
> give a presentation on his experience with kickstarter. If you plan on
> attending
> and have one please respond in this thread. Thanks.

I have a projector. As long as you have VGA out (or composite video), I
can project it. I'll assume I'm bringing it unless I hear otherwise.


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