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Sounds good.  
I'm good for the Kickstarter presentation on Dec 3, although I'd like to use the projector that someone had volunteered before.  Is that still available?
The presentation should be about a half hour long.  It will cover planning and development of a typical KS project including video production, optimizing rewards, bugeting, KS back-end and more.  I'll have examples from the KS project I worked on with the Sacramento Taiko Dan, including a few pitfalls we ran across over the course of the campaign.  I have a few riviting graphs as well.
Jeff T

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Fellow Makers-

At this week's meeting we voted on whether or not to change the meeting time. There was unanimous consent to change the time, but the decision on second/fourth Monday vs. first/third Tuesday was not unanimous. In the end we decided to drop the second meeting and meet only on the first Monday of each month. We have been making steady progress and there doesn't seem to be a need for two meetings each month at this time. If something important comes up that needs to be urgently addressed we will simply hold a special meeting and will send an announcement on this list. So...


We are now meeting only on the first Monday of each month.
The next meeting will be Dec. 3.


Some highlights from the meeting:

* We are officially a corporation and should have our non-profit status in a few months.
* We are still looking into insurance, but it looks like it is going to run around $1000/year.
* No news on the downtown space (I will be following up with the property manager).
* We are going to start collecting dues in January.

Like how I just slipped that last one in? At the next meeting we will be deciding on what our dues will be. So if you have a strong opinion on this be sure to be there. Also, I think Jeff is going to give a presentation on his recent (and successful) kickstarter. The next meeting is going to be a big one. You should be there.

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