[dcw] Monday Agenda (and Vote)

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Mon Nov 12 16:56:38 PST 2012

I will not be able to make it tonight.  I'd like to vote for a monday option.  Tuesdays would be a lot harder for me to to make.

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I'm not sure I'll be able to make it (loooong day at work, brain needs
go home/refreshing adult beverage), and I'm sorry I didn't post the L
Street pics earlier, but here they are -


Once again, this is the space around the corner from Bike Forth, next to
the used furniture shop. As of a few days ago, it was still available -
975sf, 95cents/sf.

If I do not make it, my vote is

    YES, change to first and third Tuesday

(although I'm ok with all options).

    steve edberg

On 11/8/2012 6:20 PM, Jordan Van Aalsburg wrote:
> Fellow Makers-
> We will have a make-up meeting this coming Monday at 7:00 PM. Assuming
> Mick's workshop is available we will meet there again.
> We will be voting on whether or not to change the day of the meeting.
> Last time we proposed moving to the first and third Tuesday of each
> month due to a conflict with LUGOD. The second and fourth Monday was
> also suggested as being relatively conflict-free. Unless there are
> objections I propose that if we reach consensus (minus one) on changing
> the meeting time we then take the most popular of the two options. This
> means that if you can't make it to the meeting, and would like to vote
> by proxy your vote should be either:
> NO (stick with first and third Mondays)
> or
> YES, change to second and fourth Monday
> or 
> YES, change to first and third Tuesday
> The agenda for the meeting is relatively short. 
> * Vote to change meeting day
> * Update on corporation status
> * Discussion of downtown (and other) spaces
> * Show-and-tell
> If you can't make it be sure to get your vote in by Monday before the
> meeting. Otherwise, I will see you there.
> -Jordan

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