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I like the term "Hackerspace" so much more than "Davis Community Workshop."
"Hackerspace" is more sensational and concise, I feel. The Barenaked Ladies
chose their band name in order to provoke anyone who heard their band name
to ask the question, "Who the heck are The Barenaked Ladies?"

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 12:01 PM, Nicholas Barry <ni... at davisdollars.org>wrote:

> I just added existing workshop spaces, and places we can potentially meet
> in the future, to our Daviswiki page:
> http://daviswiki.org/Davis_Community_Workshop
> Feel free to add more, or improve those lists.
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Michael Figlock
University of California, Davis
Film Studies Major
Filmmakers' Ambitions President
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