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Sarah McCullough sm... at ucdavis.edu
Fri Aug 3 15:47:33 PDT 2012

Hey folks,

Apologies in advance if this is not the best use of the list, but I'm not
sure where else to look for the help I need.

I'm working on a website and am seeking help from someone with
programming/design skills. I've been told that what I'm looking for is a
"user interface web designer/programmer." I'm working with a group of
students on a site telling stories of the origins and growth of mountain
biking. We are hoping to make some cool interactive features, such as maps,
manipulable bikes, and timelines.  It's virtually all based in an
open-source LAMP-based software called Omeka. If anyone here, or anyone you
know, is interested in helping out with a fun and creative project, get in
touch directly with me. I do have some funding for the project, if that

Sarah McC

Sarah Rebolloso McCullough

Cultural Studies Ph.D. candidate
University of California - Davis
Institute for Transportation Studies graduate student researcher

sm... at ucdavis.edu
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